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  8. Remix of “i” by Kendrick Lamar
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    Whats goin’ on when they hear your song ?
    and they love you more than you love yourself?
    whats goin’ on with the drugs in your palm?
    don’t trust the doc.. you can heal yourself
    ain’t no one gonna help you figure out
    the key to this world is to love yourself
    that’s why they walk around filled with doubt
    a sip of poison when you listen to the crowd
    whats goin’ on when they hear your song
    and they know you more than you know yourself
    whats goin’ on whey they knew along
    quote every word comin’ out your mouth
    whats goin’ on when the girls figure out
    that you love yourself in a world full of doubt?
    now she all up on you, take you in here house
    takin’ off your belt, with her motherfuckin’ mouth
    nothing but a g string layin’ on the couch
    she know you blowin’ up and she just tryna’ help
    help herself to a well full of wealth
    daddy never told her to love herself
    mamma said get a man, never taught her how
    looked her in the eye, and say i better roll out
    now she start to cry , tears roll out
    cause she never figured out how to love herself
    no doubt, but i’m out
    that’s my cue to bounce
    leeches in the water , bad for my health
    guess you know better when you love yourself
    guess you know better when you.. love .. your.. self.

  9. Possible artwork for Mayan Sex Magic. The highly anticipated third studio album from Raset.

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  11. shouts out to my brothers

  12. Shouts out to my brothers

  13. I’m suicidal, I plan to haunt my enemies
    I’m going viral , Implant a couple memories
    Summon demons until the souls enter me
    Channel thoughts from outer space entities
    ascend dimensions until my body is not me
    A thousand years later they still remember me
    A mummified body, and they still study me
    I’m too potent, you could never fuck with me
    down the rabbit hole light the path with celery
    gather calories to double up my energy
    Atlantis is beautiful I travel there astrally
    I’m painting pictures for underwater royalty
    some worship me piously and summon my energy
    Cydonian females, n me we got chemistry
    Instantly they vibe to mate with me
    not physically, that’s just the light in me

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